You define the space. We transform it.

Studio: Express

\ ik-'spres \

verb \ to give expression to the artistic or creative impulses or abilities of oneself

adjective \ delivered faster than usual

noun \ a system for the prompt and safe transportation of people, parcels, money, or goods

Studio: Express \ place \ a place to express the feelings/opinions via artistic & creative impulses in a fun & inviting space

RV Renovation

RV renovation in South Florida that combines carefully-crafted designs and expert craftsmanship for optimal functionality, safety, and aesthetic. Creating travel solutions that fit your design style & your lifestyle!

Van & Bus Conversion

Bus conversions & van remodels in South Florida to maximize every square inch of space, meet all your must-haves and make it stunning! We have the insight, experience and skill to breathe life into your visions for a tiny home/travel. 


Color your travel plans beautiful with professional painting by talented crews committed to absolutely AH-mazing results. A clean, fresh coat of paint in an RV, camper, van, or bus can do wonders to give small spaces a more open feel. 

Carpentry & Fabrication

Custom carpentry and masterful fabrication can provide made-to-order built-ins, slide-outs, extra storage, and mechanical system modification. Our dedicated team of experts ensures your rig is renovated the RIGHT way. 

Current Tool Tip

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We are Erick & Krystle Lopez, bus/van converters, RV renovators, artists, travelers, & people encouragers. We were created to create!

At Studio Express, we are a husband & wife team with a desire to "marry" the construction & design industry with occupational therapy (OT).

Erick is a master fabricator and owner/founder of Art Illusions & Designs, and Krystle is a licensed occupational therapist. We LOVE creating custom design and construction for South Florida RV renovations, bus conversations, travel trailer remodels, and van conversions.

We're uniquely qualified to provide accessible and universal design to better serve people and families of ALL ages and abilities. Whether you have a child with special needs or are an adult with certain physical limitations or simply someone looking for help from RV renovation pros, we offer practical solutions to exceptional functional requirements on these projects.

Our ultimate goal is to break down barriers & give EVERYONE the opportunity to travel the country and enjoy the great outdoors - in style & with as few limitations as possible.

We provide tailored designs, carpentry, welding, construction & painting to help transform your tiny home/vacation vehicle into a personalized oasis on wheels. Whatever concepts you want to see come to life, we're here to help you expertly craft & construct it. You define the space, we transform it!