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Forest River Vibe Travel Trailer Remodel for a full-time family of four.

With the family’s move from a 3200 sq foot home into a travel trailer, this design and renovation had to offer optimal function with multipurpose uses of each space. It was important to this family of 4 that the living space be a multifunctional common room area that is comfortable for family time while relaxing and sharing meals together, while also being functional for the oldest child to engage in virtual school and for the parents to complete their remote work. This required creating multiple seating and desk surface options. Additionally, individualized design features for functionality, safety and sensory needs were also thoughtfully implemented to meet the needs of the youngest child.

  • Sensory: including brightening the entire unit with white paint, minimizing visual distractions with increased closed storage space, custom dining area and seating area in the main cabin space to increase room for all family members to comfortably sit together.
  • Safety features: covers over wall controls, door locks to prevent eloping, bed safety rails
  • Functionality: creation of custom desk in kids bedroom to use for virtual school, tele-therapy, and recreational play that doubles as stairs to one of the bunk beds & is also used as storage for the kids’ clothing and school supplies.