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Beautiful and Affordable Professional Bus Painting job in South Florida
Professional Interior & Exterior Painting

A professional paint job transforms the entire aesthetic.

A fresh coat of quality paint sets the whole vibe & creates a definite "Wow!" factor in renovations of RVs, buses, vans, and travel trailers. Brighter, lighter colors open up those small spaces, amplifying natural light and making the area feel much roomier and cleaner. Exterior paint can be splashy or subdued, depending on your preference, but the finish must be high-end. Outdoor conditions inevitably impact the paint's appearance in - and on - your mini abode. Top priority is a paint job that's both good-looking AND lasting. Our South Florida painting professionals will advise you on the best colors, primers, paints, and finishes for premier design and durability.

Project Highlight

Forest River Vibe - complete interior recolor of a travel trailer

This Forest River Vibe camper went from a pallet of drab, dusty browns and beiges (typical in many travel trailers and RVs, as manufacturers aim for a more "rustic" feel) to a gleaming, white-on-white finish. The difference a professional South Florida paint job made was night and day. The light colors created clean, sharp lines and a much airier feel. Gray accents were used for modern decor. Dry-erase wall panels on a few key surfaces allowed for easier homeschooling (and ensured any errant, amateur artwork could be easily wiped away). We also doubled-up on coats of this high-quality primer & paint to ensure endurance through all the rigors of this full-time family's cross-country adventures.

Residential painting

Color your home incredible!

Our residential painting pros specialize in dazzling results. The top-rated Southwest Florida residential painting contractors at Studio Express (aligned with Art Illusions & Design) are committed to excellence, ensuring high-end finishes on your professional exterior and interior painting projects. We paint stucco, wood, concrete, stone, aluminum, vinyl, glass, metal and more. Stunning faux finishes on garages, doors and windows are also in our wheelhouse. Our superior painting products and processes take into account the blazing South Florida sun, relentless summer rains, and saltwater breezes that can quickly take a toll on exterior finishes. We're meticulous in every aspect of our work, ensuring your paint job lasts for years to come. For interior painting services, we carefully prepare your home, covering floors, protecting furniture, and helping remove wallpaper and window caulking, if necessary. Every residential paint job is done right, with your satisfaction guaranteed!

Faux Finishes