Design & Build

Traditional carpentry for tiny spaces.

Carpentry is the art and trade of cutting, shaping and joining timber into functional, beautiful structures. Tiny space renovation projects, such as those involving RVs, campers, buses, and vans, are often enhanced by our custom South Florida carpentry work. We can completely reconfigure the interior of a space to conform to your ideal.

Projects include installation of cabinets, seating, islands, counters, closets, storage, and much more. We ensure each custom-made carpentry piece is carefully crafted with great precision to cleverly maximize the performance and aesthetic of every square inch. Our goal is to provide a space that not only fits your design style, but your lifestyle!

Raise the Roof

Custom welding & fabrication tailors small spaces to fit your needs.

When renovating buses (aka "skoolies"), vans, and RVs to fit your specific needs, custom welding and fabrication are critical techniques that expertly piece together all the components. Welding is the fusion of two of metal, glass, or thermoplastics with heat and force. Fabrication is the evolutionary process of creating a metal product, from layout and design to formation and finishing.

Our South Florida welding & fabrication services allow customization of your small space to fit your exact needs. Projects can involve raising the roof, lowering the floor, removing seats, installing slide-outs, mechanical system modification, equipment framing, utility box additions, battery bank installation, and more.

Trusting a professional for custom welding and fabrication services helps ensure your small space vision is fully - and safely - realized.

school-bus-conversion-roof-lift (3)
Adapted Desk

Ergonomic solutions for special needs - all ages & abilities!

t We believe nothing should hold anyone back from living their best life! Creative, ergonomic solutions for clients and families with special needs can help open doors (or, in some cases, desks).

Here, a 1st grade wheelchair user was faced with a problem: Standard school desks didn't allow for proper ergonomic posture because her chair didn't fit under the desk. She also had limited-to-zero use of the built-in compartment for books and school supplies. She needed an adapted desk.

As an occupational therapist, Krystle explains her profession isn't just about helping individuals adapt to their environment, but wherever necessary and possible, adapting the environment to meet the needs of the individual. She provided the OT consult to assess the student's needs. She and Erick then collaborated on a custom desk design that would be functional and affordable. Erick built the vision to life, finishing the siding in shimmery pink (the sweet girl's favorite color).

The desk has two book/school supply compartments on either side, which she can access seated in her chair. It allows for growth with adjustable legs that will raise the entire desk. She is now able to roll up to her desk and sit with her ankles, knees and hips at 90 degree angles. Her elbows can comfortably rest too, preventing shoulder hiking. The benefits go beyond posture. This set up helps boost cognitive executive functioning because the body isn't working so hard to overcompensate for poor posture. Ultimately, that primes her for academic success!

Ergonomic solutions for clients with special needs is about effortless functionality that facilitates inclusion. Here, that means a desk that looks very similar to everyone else’s, but fits her unique needs. Other kids were even wishing they had such a cool new desk too!

Custom Signage