Beautiful and Affordable Professional Bus Painting job in South Florida

Affordable Bus and Vehicle Painting offered in South Florida

With the rise in bus and van conversions growing rapidly (one event in particular, “Skoolie Swarm” jumped from just over 100 vehicles registered in 2021 to 258 vehicles in 2022!), folks are looking for affordable ways to make their tiny home on wheels look excellent! A fresh new bus paint job is needed. Professional and affordable Bus and van conversion painting is available in south Florida and offers mobile come-to-you services.

But for the DIYer, painting can be messy, complicated, and expensive, and lead to time lost and frustration to grow! DIY Painting leaves you needing to rent or purchase items that will likely be used only once, including rollers, brushes, tape, plastic, sprayers, etc.

Location choices also need to be made: Will I paint my rig indoors or outdoors? If a garage, barn, or warehouse is not available, painting outdoors comes with many problems.  Some include: weather, optimal temperature for paint to be properly applied, wind, and insects/dust/dirt becoming stuck into paint before it dries.

Next comes all the research! Oh, the research! Hours upon hours spent on YouTube videos, blogs, and Facebook groups to determine best types of paint, optimal tools, most effective application techniques, etc.  Not to mention the amount of paint needed.

What the DIY community is saying

DIY’er Ryan Thompson of Seeking Discovery bus told Studio Express:  “I bought way too much paint and since it was already tinted I couldn’t return it. I was stuck with a bunch of extra paint I didn’t need.”

“We are doing our bus build ourselves but we hired Studio Express to paint the interior and exterior of our bus because we were on a short time frame,” says Liz & Ashley of Big Leap bus. “The short time it took for them to do such a professional job saved us so much frustration and valuable time to be able to get going with the rest of our build. Just sanding and priming the outside took the two of us 4 days, and Erick was done painting the inside and outside in less than a day.”

Beautiful and Affordable Professional Bus Van Home House Painting job in South Florida

So, as my mom always says “you’re good at other things!”  Yes!! This means we all have gifts and talents and our own zones of genius!  It is when we stick to our zones that we are most satisfied. When it comes to painting, Erick Lopez, CEO of Studio Express is the king of this zone! He brings over 25 years of experience in the painting industry, loves choosing colors, and has a studio full of professional equipment.

Affordable Bus Painting in South Florida

According to an article by Carfax, traditional vehicle painting services can cost upward to $3,500 – $5,000 for just a car sized vehicle. And fancy custom paint jobs set you back up to $15,000.  That’s a lot of gas money!

Alternatively, with options at Studio Express, you can access the professional job without the high price tag!

Avid travelers and DIY’ers ourselves, we designed a more affordable option when painting our beloved rig, Lola. We used a paint designed for metal that provides a beautiful finish. It is the perfect point between the trendy matte finish on some vehicles today and the traditional high-gloss car paint with clear coat.

Beautiful and Affordable Professional Bus Painting job in South Florida

Benefits to a professional paint job include: 

  • Completed in just 2 days!
  • Best options already researched & presented to you for your choice
  • Clean lines & professional finish
  • No Mess!
  • Increases Resale Value
  • Painted in a protected paint booth  (available option for mobile on-site too)
  • Less expensive than traditional vehicle re-paint (i.e. “car paint” with clear finish)
  • Choice between various trendy matte, gloss, and textured finishes
  • Option for unique & beautiful faux finish elements and/or mural art

Mobile Bus Painting beyond Florida, Brought To You anywhere in the United States!

Studio Express caters to the lifestyle and needs of travelers by offering mobile rig painting services for vans, school buses, city transit buses, shuttle buses, box trucks and tiny homes. A popular time to take advantage of this service is at shows and organized gatherings because we offer a discount.  Another opportunity is meeting us along our travel route. Contact us to discuss your location and needs!

If even an affordable professional paint job is not in your budget, Studio Express has a DIY painting course in the works and will be released very soon!  You can look forward to step by step instruction with simple guides and a shopping list to save you money and time.

Studio Express in Fort Myers offers South Florida bus conversions, van conversions, travel trailer and RV renovations, painting services – and more! Contact us at (239) 878-0603 or by emailing 

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Custom South Florida Bus Conversions Help Travel Dreams Come True, March 15, 2022, By Krystle Lopez, Studio Express

South Florida bus conversions

Custom South Florida Bus Conversions Help Travel Dreams Come True

The tumult of the past few years has compelled people across the country to rethink their careers, homes,  goals, and priorities. USA Today reports folks are increasingly shifting toward nontraditional lifestyles that allow for more travel. At Studio Express, we’ve seen this manifest in swelling demand for South Florida bus conversions, RV renovations, and van conversions. In fact, we’re on the front line of turning those visions into valid options.South Florida bus conversions

“I think prior to the pandemic, most people considered renovating a bus or traveling the country in an RV or #vanlife to be something really only attainable for certain segments of the population,” explained Studio Express CEO Erick Lopez. “But we’ve seen a marked shift in thinking. This isn’t just retirees or social media-obsessed kids. We have families, professionals who can work from anywhere, empty nesters – all looking for a change of pace and scenery. And now, more people than ever have the flexibility to make it happen.”

A home on wheels can be an alternative to “brick-and-sticks” living, but it can also be something individuals or families choose to do on the side, during summers, sabbaticals, or vacations. It’s a way to see the country in way that is affordable, and yet contains all the comforts of home.

South Florida Bus Conversions vs. Brand New RV Purchases

Once a decision is made to plunge into #roadlife, the next question is: How?

Some people appreciate turnkey options, like top-of-the-line Class A and fifth-wheel travel trailers. Those can be great options – if you can afford them. As reported by though, a brand new, higher-end model can easily top $200,000 – $300,000. It depends on numerous factors, such as the RV class, model year, and included features.

There are also travel trailers (which can be beautifully renovated as well), though customers do need to bear in mind those require a towing vehicle with adequate capacity to ensure safety.

South Florida bus conversionsSouth Florida bus conversions can be a more budget-friendly option that also allows a person to invest specifically in features that are important to them. School buses (aka “skoolies”) and city buses tend to be less expensive than other types of recreational vehicles (some starting at roughly $3,500, depending on size, model year & mileage) and don’t require a towing vehicle. Most schools “retire” buses after about 20 years in service, but as most skoolie owners know – these buses were built to last! Plus, upcycling is often as much about lifestyle as it is about cost savings.

As for customization options, maybe a dishwasher on the road isn’t all that important to you, but you’d love a custom bathtub. Those are the kinds of features Studio Express can custom design and build – at affordable rates. We can make simple changes on existing models or build it all out from the bones up. The layout can be tailored to fit your lifestyle. There are many ways to keep projects within budget – starting with the type of bus you choose, the materials you use, and the features you add (or skip). Our team can help you draft a design that is going to fit your needs while staying within budget and time constraints.

By working with a professional team of designers, construction experts, and painting pros, you have the benefit of a team that not only understands how to do the job right, but also knows how to navigate some of the unexpected roadblocks that can arise in any renovation project.

Studio Express in Fort Myers offers South Florida bus conversions, van conversions, travel trailer and RV renovations – and more! Contact us at (239) 878-0603 or by emailing 

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